Rachel Sexton

Hi. I'm Rachel Sexton. Do these shorts make my ass look big?


Short-Shorts Masterpiece

That must certainly be one of the world's most fortunate ambulance drivers. Be that as it may, I would need an ambulance if I saw this collection of jean-shorts encased ass.

Photo courtesy of NextDoorNikki, which is part of the Phil-Flash network of perversity.


No Short-Shorts but it's Teen Kasia & Her Amazing Ass

I know it's not short-shorts, but heck, wtf, the latest Kasia galleries, and sample vids, are just too filthy hot. The naughty 19-year-old Kasia is also enrolled at Face Down Ass Up University, just fyi.

***BONUS GALLERY 1: Kasia in white panties
***BONUS GALLERY 2: Kasia apparently getting drunk on webcam
***BONUS GALLERY 3: Pink panties/naughty schoolgirl. Imagine spanking that?
***BONUS GALLERY 4: Dildos 101

Click HERE to visit Teen Kasia: the hottest ass to ever come out of Poland.